Nanai Cicada on the Namosi and Navosa Province, Fiji.

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27 September 2018
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Raiateana knowlesi; a species that is known to emerge once every 8 years. This species is known from only a handful of locations within the Namosi and Navosa Province.The cicada only develops its wings in its last life stage, as it emerges out of the ground and removes its hard casing. In Fiji, Cicadas are generally known as ‘makā’. Only the Fijian cicada (R. knowlesi) is called the “nanai”.

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Occurrence; Observation


Siteri Tikoca
  • Originator
  • Point Of Contact
Conservation Officer
NatureFiji- MareqetiViti
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Simione Naivalu
  • Originator
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Kalisi Waqa
  • Originator
Melania Segaidina
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Theresa Rakai
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Chris Simon
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University of Connecticut
Anisof So'o
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Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Geographic Coverage

The data collected is situated on the largest island of Fiji, Viti Levu under the provinces of Navosa (17.9865° S, 177.6581° E) and Namosi (18.0864° S, 178.1291° E).

Bounding Coordinates South West [-19.187, -178.572], North East [-15.644, 176.572]

Taxonomic Coverage

Fijian endemic cicada that emerges once every eight years. Species Raiateana knowlesi (Fijian cicada), "nanai" as natively known in Fiji.

Species Raiateana knowlesi (Fijian cicada)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2017-09-01 / 2017-11-17

Project Data

Previously recorded from the village of Matokana in the Navosa Province and then in the Garrick Forest reserve in Namosi in 2009, the emergence showed the distribution of the Fijian Cicada.

Title Nanai Cicada on the Namosi and Navosa Province, Fiji.
Funding NatureFiji-MareqetiViti members and John Burns
Study Area Description The provinces of Navosa and Namosi in Viti Levu, Fiji Islands.
Design Description It was vital to record the call of the Nanai and to take a sample of Nanai.

The personnel involved in the project:

Siteri Tikoca
  • Point Of Contact

Sampling Methods

-Record the Call of the Nanai: Use the Bug Bag 1. Place bag over an emerging Nanai 2. Capture adult 3. Take to a quiet place and record the call -Sample of Nanai 1. Recently crawled out nymph 2. Recently abandoned shell 3. Emerging adult 4. Recently emerged adult 5. Full adult - Note the Habitat and vegetation type as well as its time and date of emergence,mating, eggs hatching, when the Nanai started crawling out of the ground, when they started singing and when they died.

Study Extent Recorded from Matokana in the Navosa Province and then in the Garrick Forest reserve in Namosi as well as Wainiyavu and Mareniamu village in the Navosa Province in Viti Levu, Fiji.
Quality Control •Tight seal vials were used and 95% Ethanol for specimens •1L beaker/2L soda bottle with top section cut off at and a 1L measure mark (to measure soil volume) •Sample nymphs once or twice a year using a standard protocol.

Method step description:

  1. Directions for Digging •Find locations where last emergence was most dense •Check branches of trees for egg scars •If you find egg scars, start digging below that area/branch •Identify the tree species at which you found egg scars • Cut through squares of Earth with the blade of the shovel and carefully pull up the soil nymphs can be found within 30cm of the surface, but they can be found deeper. Directions to set up plot i.Create square meter plots under the trees with egg nests ii.Label with a permanent label and stake at each corner iii.Enrich these plots with hatching Cicada from an adjacent area iv.Count the number of egg nests. Place a quantity of twigs in a pile inside each plot. The eggs will hatch, nymphs will jump out of the branches and crawl into the ground. v.Create replicate plots with different densities of nymphs. vi.Sample nymphs once or twice a year using a standard protocol. vii.Compare nymphal growth rates under different density conditions. Alternatively, all plots can be supplemented with the same densities of nymphs, increasing the density of egg nests in a plot will increase the probability of finding nymphs in that plot in later years.

Additional Metadata

Link to the legend of the "nanai": https://naturefiji.org/legend-of-the-nanai/